YUMSEEN High Accuracy Digital Tire Pressure Gauge 150 PSI

YUMSEEN High Accuracy Digital Tire Pressure Gauge 150 PSI Review

Superior readability and excellent accuracy is always a terrific combination for a great tire gauge. And owning a quality tire gauge to ensure your tire pressure is at the optimal level serves many purposes. Properly inflated tires extends the life of your investment by reducing unnecessary wear and tear. Fuel economy will be improved as will the vehicles handling characteristics when your tires are inflated correctly.

With the YUMSEEN High Accuracy Digital Tire Pressure Gauge 150 PSI you’ll be getting the best of both worlds! A highly accurate, easy to use gauge that will help promote driving safety.


  • Robust, impact resistant display face with protective rubber cover.
  • LCD blue backlit digital display for superior readability.
  • Excellent accuracy, measurements within +/- 1%.
  • Four measurement units: PSI, BAR, kPa, kg/cm2.
  • Pressure hold function.
  • Air pressure release valve.
  • 360º chuck to access all valve positions.
  • Lifetime warranty!


The YUMSEEN High Accuracy Digital Tire Pressure Gauge 150 PSI is perfect for Car, Motorcycle, Bike, Truck, RV, SUV, ATV & More.  The 0-150 PSI range (0-10 Bar / 0-10 Kgf/cm2 / 0-1000 Kpa) is wider than most competing products and will output a reading to a tenth of a pound.  This tire gauge is also extremely accurate to within +/- 1%. This is also slightly better than competing models which will usually indicate accuracy within 2-3% give or take.

A bright blue backlit 21 x 10mm LCD display is highly readable and easy on the eyes.  The display face markings are glow-in-the-dark too.  This is nice if working in a dark space or dimly lit area so you can see the “On” or “Func” buttons.  Additionally, a protective rubber cover helps to protect the impact resistant gauge. This rubber is soft and flexible, not rigid, so it will not crack if it were to find a one way ticket to the garage floor.

Overall, it’s a very appealing presentation which matches the accuracy and durability one would expect when spending a bit more on a tire gauge.  Especially nice is the flexible hose and swiveling chuck end to access hard to reach valves.  And, let’s not forget to mention the lifetime warranty. How’s that for peace of mind?


As is the case with all digital tire gauges, eventually the batteries will need to be replaced introducing an extra cost.  Probably not a major deal breaker for most people but is something to consider.

Another point I found curious was the operating temperature range listed. The product specs say the gauge is to be used in temperatures 23-122º F (-5~50°C).  Well, I for one live in a climate where the temperature often dips below 23º during the winter months.  I’ve reviewed countless tire gauges and many of the digital models will list 0º as the minimum operating temperature.  Considering the likelihood for tire pressure to fluctuate in cold weather it was a bit disappointing to see 23-122º listed.

One last, minor detail to point out is that the chuck is not interchangeable with other styles.  The ball is a bit smaller than some of the other ball chucks I’ve seen but that’s the only choice you get with this gauge. Again, it’s a minor point, but there are some people who prefer an angle chuck or extra length chuck when the option is available.


All-in-all I find the YUMSEEN High Accuracy Digital Tire Pressure Gauge to be recommendable. The display face is very attractive and the glow-in-the-dark element is a nice touch. To add, according to the manufacturer, this gauge will be highly versatile when it comes to measuring tire pressure on several vehicle types.

Obviously, the air pressure release valve is a terrific feature and will be handy for maintaining optimal tire pressure.  Having the multiple measurement ranges is also something one has come to expect when purchasing a digital tire gauge.

As of the time of this post, the reviews list a perfect 5 out of 5 stars.  Expect that to change over time, you can’t please everyone, but it’s clear this gauge impresses the purchasers so far.

This YUMSEEN High Accuracy Digital Tire Pressure Gauge is a rated a best digital tire pressure gauge. See the full list of best digital tire pressure gauges.

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