Tire Pressure Gauge Accurate Monitor System 60 PSI Review

Tire Pressure Gauge Accurate Monitor System 60 PSI Review

Drivers need accurate information from a tire pressure gauge so that they can easily know if their tire pressure is too low or not at optimum levels.  It’s critical to maintain an optimal level of air pressure since car tires must be loaded at specific pressure levels to function as intended.  Therefore, to measure the air pressure of the tires in your automobile, you will need a quality tire pressure gauge.

The Dan’s Auto Tire Pressure Gauge Accurate Monitor System 60 PSI may just be the perfect choice for you!


  • Tested and rated to meet ANSI standards.
  • Clear 2.5″ display which rotates 360 degrees for ease of reading.
  • Mechanic grade tool with military grade rubber casing.
  • 17″ air hose.
  • Interchangeable angle and ball chucks included.
  • Dial face filled with glycerol liquid for weather protection.
  • No batteries needed.


The Dan’s Auto Tire Pressure Gauge Accurate Monitor System 60 PSI, which has an analog style 2.5″ clear dial face, is designed to work effectively with motorbikes, cars and SUVs. The gauge is sold with two solid metal tire chucks, angle and ball style, which are especially suitable for use on Schrader valve (American valve) stems.

This product aims to help users monitor and test air pressure within the pneumatic tires of their vehicle because correct tire pressure can save time and fuel cost.  Meeting the correct tire air pressure in your tires is also an important safety and technical requirement for vehicle handling.  Since drivers need accurate and precise information regarding their tire pressure this tire gauge is perfect for all types of people, from the do-it-yourselfer to the mechanic down the street.

To add, it has been reviewed as precise, accurate and heavy duty so you can be sure you’re getting a quality item. What’s more is that since the dial face is filled with liquid glycerol, the gauge is designed to perform optimally in less-than-ideal conditions.  This liquid will eliminate moisture from appearing on the display and, in the long term, will help the gauge stand up to high heat, pulsation and/or vibration which can lead to the instrument breaking down sooner.

The swiveling ends of the 17″ air hose are convenient and provide for a rotating 360º dial face and chuck ends.  With the included bleed (air pressure release) valve and military grade rubber casing this is a well designed gauge.  Plus it’s hassle free and comes with a lifetime guarantee so what’s better than that?


This gauge is not particularly designed for trucks or RVs. There were also reports that the seal between the hose and valve fitting leaked air during first use and can’t be easily corrected even after tightening. Being that the dial face is liquid filled, an air big bubble exists on the dial face. This can sometimes be an annoyance when reading the gauge. Further, its hose was occasionally found to be too stiff.


All-in-all the Dan’s Auto Tire Pressure Gauge Accurate Monitor System 60 PSI, is a recommendable product.  The pros far outweigh the cons after review. Many customers were pleased that it is built well and high in quality.  Some purchasers even found it to be bigger than what they expected.

The all metal parts and solid-feeling rubber jacketed 17-inch hose is a nice touch.  This makes the gauge easier to maneuver in tight spaces compared to a standard stick gauge. The rubber casing surrounding the dial face is also a terrific quality feature that adds to the overall appeal of this product. A bonus feature exists as well with the included ebook talking about safety and money saving benefits of well maintained tires.

And if all this isn’t enough, the lifetime guarantee should put any of your worries to bed in purchasing this item.

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