Tekton 5941 100 PSI Digital Tire Gauge Review

Tekton 5941 Digital Tire Gauge 100 PSI Review

Thanks to evolving technology, digital tire gauges can deliver a more accurate air pressure measurement than analog or stick type gauges. Plus, other external effects like temperature drift can now be calibrated.

Given these advancements, and the sometimes understated fact that properly inflated tires keep you safe on the road and help you save on gas, comes the obvious need to find yourself a quality tire gauge. If you’re interested in a gauge that can fit into the palm of your hand, be stored easily in the glove box or console areas of your vehicle, and provide instant, accurate, and easy-to-read measurements than you may have just found your perfect gauge in the Tekton 5941 100 PSI Digital Tire Gauge!


  • Accurate, instant and easy-to-read tire pressure measurement.
  • Ergonomic design with soft, non-slip grip.
  • Choose among four measurement ranges by a simple push button. (PSI, BAR, KPa, Kg/cm²)
  • Lighted nozzle that illuminates the work area in low light conditions.
  • Nozzle easily seals onto the valve stem with gentle pressure.
  • Digital display screen that clearly indicates measurement reading.
  • 0.5 PSI increment readings.
  • Auto shut off after 30 seconds to preserve battery life.


The Tekton 5941 100 PSI Digital Tire Gauge ensures a correct, instant and easy-to-read measurement of your car’s tire pressure so you can travel safely. Experience a soft, non-slip texture thanks to the product’s ergonomic shape that fits easily into your hand for ultimate control and comfort.

The light weight (2.4 oz) gauge comes with a simple push button that will allow you to turn the unit on and choose among the four available measurement ranges.  An added feature is a lighted nozzle which illuminates the work area when checking the tire pressure in low light or nighttime conditions. This feature can also help enable you to immediately locate the valve stem. What’s more is that you only need to apply gentle pressure for the nozzle to quickly and completely seal onto the valve stem, resulting in an accurate measurement every time.

The gauge offers a lighted digital screen that clearly displays the exact measurement so you do not need to guess or estimate the measurement as required with an analog gauge.  Also convenient is the automatic shut off after 30 seconds helping to preserve battery life.


Overall there are very few negative reviews from customers who have purchased the Tekton 5941. But generally speaking, digital tire gauges have some minor flaws.

Because the gauge is battery operated, there will be a time where the battery life expires.  Albeit a minor inconvenience, there is a cost to replace the batteries.  This model uses one (1) CR2032 3V Lithium Coin cell and three (3) LR44 1.5V button cells which are all included.  Swapping the batteries also requires some work as two screws need to be removed in order to access the battery compartment.

Additionally, this specific tire gauge does not offer an air pressure release (bleed) valve.  For the average owner, this is likely not a big deal.  Another drawback for some might be that this gauge will fit only Schrader (American) valve stems and will not work with other valve types, for example Presta valves which are common on bicycles. Also, operation of this gauge may be an inconvenience for the left handed user because the display will be covered when using the gauge in your left hand.


The Tekton 5941 100 PSI Digital Tire Gauge is clearly a user friendly and inexpensive tire gauge option. This compact tool definitely comes loaded with a lot of nice features for the price.

Obviously, having a backlit display screen is very nice for readability, especially if your eyesight isn’t that great to begin with since the tool is on the smaller side.  But, in addition to the already compact and ergonomic design, the Tekton 5941 comes with a built in lighted nozzle to light up the work space as needed.  Don’t expect a flood light by any means but the nozzle end certainly provides enough illumination much like a light on your smartphone would.

A simple push button keeps things straightforward for operating this tool.  The button turns the tire gauge on and allows the user to select from one of four measurement readings; PSI, BAR, KPa, Kg/cm² depending on your preferred scale.  You’ll also find the 30 second auto-off feature convenient when storing in the glove box or storage compartments of your vehicle.

Quite simply, if you want quick, accurate and inexpensive, then this is your tool.

The Tekton 5941 100 PSI Digital Tire Gauge is a top rated tire pressure gauge. See Tire Gadgets list of all top rated tire pressure gauges here.

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