Longacre Digital Tire Pressure Air Gauge 100 PSI Review

Longacre Digital Tire Air Pressure Gauge Part #53036 Review

Maintaining a precise tire pressure is vital for safety and performance, both on the racing track and on the highway. Therefore, it’s essential to own a tire gauge that can be trusted to output accurate measurements consistently and without much fuss.  For this, one could look to the Longacre Digital Tire Pressure Gauge for positive results time and time again.


  • Large 2″ display face.
  • 0-100 PSI pressure reading range.
  • Measurements displayed to 0.2 PSI.
  • Air pressure release valve.
  • External gauge bumper.
  • Hi-flex 14″ hose with angle chuck. Ball chuck also included.
  • Measurement options of PSI, BAR, Kgm/cm², and kPa.


The Longacre Digital Tire Pressure Gauge has a two-inch face that displays numbers largely for easy viewing. It has an active display, meaning the reading is always active.

This gauge measures tire pressure from 0-100 PSI and will output a digital readout to 0.2 PSI. It also includes an air pressure release button as well. The external gauge bumper ensures that this tire gauge can withstand the jostling around in your toolbox or even the rigors of being at the track all day.

This Longacre tire gauge has a very flexible 14-inch hose that comes with an angled chuck. A ball chuck is also included.  The chuck end swivels to allow easier access to hard to reach valves.

And since it is a digital tire gauge, it is more accurate than analog tire gauges. Other benefits include the constant PSI readings and the bleed valve, which means removing air from over-inflated tires to achieve the most precise air pressure measurement possible.


To date there are two critical reviews of this tire gauge.  One of the negative reviewers claims the accuracy of measurement is off.  Although this may be true in that person’s case, their specific circumstances and conditions are unknown so it’s difficult to definitively say the gauge was the issue. Especially when you consider that the majority of positive reviews describe accuracy of measurement being spot on.

The second negative review was regarding the peak/hold function, or lack thereof.  The moment you pull away from the valve stem the reading will be lost.

And, of course, being a digital gauge there is always going to be the battery operated aspect whereas once the batteries are dead they’ll need to be replaced.  At some point, new batteries will need to be purchased and installed but this shouldn’t be until around 1,000 hours of usage according to Longacre’s instruction manual for this item.


Not a lot of disadvantages can be found for this product. And, consequently, the Longacre Digital Tire Pressure Gauge is highly recommended.

Longacre claims the accuracy of this particular gauge to be within 0.8% which is pretty minuscule!  The brand has a top notch reputation so there’s no reason to doubt that claim.  To boot, the measurement range is very wide (0-100 PSI) compared to competing products so this can be used on many types of tires.  However, should a 0-60 PSI gauge be more appropriate for your needs you can find the Longacre 0-60 PSI Tire Gauge review HERE.

Operating temperature for this unit is from 0º to 130º F so it’s hard to think of many circumstances where you wouldn’t be able to use this gauge.  And you most certainly could do worse than this very reasonable price point for the value and overall functionality found in this gauge.

This Longacre 100 PSI tire gauge is on Tire Gadget’s list of best digital tire pressure gauges. Go to the full list by using this link!

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