Motor Luxe Tire Pressure Gauge 100 PSI

Motor Luxe Tire Pressure Gauge 100 PSI Review

From Motor Luxe, an accurate and heavy duty air pressure tire gauge for your car, truck and motorcycle. The expertly calibrated, mechanic recommended Motor Luxe Tire Pressure Gauge 100 PSI.


  • Calibrated to international accuracy standards.
  • Heavy duty brass body construction.
  • Rugged, gear style protective guard surrounding gauge.
  • 2″ glow-in-the-dark dial face for easy viewing.
  • Swiveling 360º chuck and gauge on either hose end.
  • Flexible, no-leak air hose.
  • Air pressure release (bleed) valve.
  • Pressure display lock holds measurement until reset.
  • 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee.
  • BONUS 4 free valve caps.


The Motor Luxe Tire Pressure Gauge 100 PSI is expertly calibrated to ANSI standards and will provide quick and reliable readings with each use.  Its battery-free operation makes any fear of digital failure a moot point. This means no worrying about battery life or having to purchase new batteries to replace expired ones.  Obviously, there is a cost savings in the long run by owning a mechanical type pressure gauge.

A rugged, gear style guard protects the brass bodied glow-in-the-dark dial face and will secure the gauge from the rigors of heavy usage.  At 9.6 ounces, it’s not the heaviest tire gauge I’ve reviewed but certainly still qualifies as heavy duty and robust. In addition, the reinforced rubber air hose is weather, oil, and chemical resistant so this adds to the overall heavy duty appeal.

The chuck end swivels 360º which allows for easy viewing of the dial face from any angle. You’ll also get a great seal on the valve stem due to the extended 5mm chuck tip. And because the tip is angled 45-degrees, it’s easier to get a good fit on awkwardly located valve stems.


As is the case with almost all the tire gauges I’ve reviewed, the most common negative reviews are always based on accuracy issues and air leakage. And it’s no different for the Motor Luxe 100 PSI Tire Pressure Gauge.

At the time of this post there is one, 1-star review and one, 2-star review. This is with over 110 total reviews where 98% of all reviews are 4-star or higher. This should be considered when talking about one reviewer having air leakage and another having accuracy issues.  It’s impossible to know the exact conditions for each reviewer and their specific circumstances.  Circumstances which may or may not have affected their tire pressure readings. To be fair, however, there are also a small handful of 4-star reviewers who left comments about accuracy issues as well.

International accuracy standards generally allow for +/- 2-3 PSI variations. And the specific ANSI grade for this gauge is not listed. Albeit inconclusive, my guess would be this tire gauge is accurate within the aforementioned range.  Therefore, when reviewers indicate the gauge readings are off by 1-3 PSI, it’s important to keep in mind the variance allowed for by the accuracy standards.  Also, since the gauge is analog, there’s the matter of having to interpret what number the indicator hand is pointing at. Depending on the angle and vantage point, someone may see the hand pointing at 33, another could see it pointing at 35.


When there are over 100 reviews, 98% of them leaving positive feedback, obviously the gauge is recommendable. There will always be the overly fussy, hard-to-please types that won’t be satisfied with even a 0.5 PSI variance in their reading. For someone looking at buying a new tire gauge who fusses over half a PSI, a digital gauge would probably be best for them. Otherwise, for the great majority of people, this is a very satisfactory tire gauge.

The Motor Luxe Tire Pressure Gauge 100 PSI is advertised as being excellent for use on cars, motorcycles, trucks, SUVs, RVs, ATVs, bikes and more. The 2″ clear dial face is easy to read with a single increment scale. Also nice is that these markings will glow-in-the-dark for easy viewing. Overall, it’s a reliable mechanical gauge that works perfectly in all weather conditions without batteries.

The Motor Luxe Tire Pressure Gauge 100 PSI is a top rated tire pressure gauge. See Tire Gadgets list of all top rated tire pressure gauges here.

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