Motion Pro 08-0468 0-60 PSI Digital Tire Pressure Gauge Review

Motion Pro 08-0468 0-60 PSI Digital Tire Pressure Gauge Review

The Motion Pro 08-0468 is specifically designed to service the following types of vehicles:  street-sport-motorcycles, street-touring-motorcycles, street-cruiser-motorcycles, off-road-motorcycles, all-terrain-vehicles, and street-motor-scooters.  Motion Pro, and this gauge specifically, is a very popular brand among the racing crowd because of it’s precision and durability.

Owning a tire pressure gauge that will allow you to make fast and correct adjustments in short time spans is of utmost importance on the race track.  With that said, knowing your tire pressure is at the optimum level for performance is of equal importance regardless if you’re carving the track or climbing rough terrain. If performance is your game then you’ll certainly find the  Motion Pro 08-0468 0-60 PSI Digital Tire Pressure Gauge up to task!


  • Precise digital readout to 0.1 PSI.
  • Accurate within +/- 0.6 PSI.
  • High flow push button bleeder valve for precise pressure adjustment.
  • Continuous pressure readout.
  • Four selectable scales. (PSI, KG-CM², BAR, kPa)
  • Large easy to read display with backlight.
  • 18″ high pressure hose with dual swivels.
  • Brass ball type air chuck.
  • Heavy duty anti-shock protective rubber boot on gauge.
  • Battery powered with battery strength indicator.
  • Auto off to extend the battery life.


The Motion Pro Digital Tire Pressure Gauge helps you get the best performance from your tires by maintaining their optimal pressure. It can make highly precise measurements with just a maximum error of +/- 0.6 PSI.

To add, it has a precise digital readout of up to 0.1 PSI. Also, it’s built with high-quality components like an anodized billet aluminum body, anti-shock rubber casing, and high pressure hose. All this helps in increasing the gauges overall durability.

Easily read the tire pressure measurement with the large LC display which is visible in any light conditions. The display can be set to read PSI, kPA, BAR and KG-CM². The gauge will also read down to tenths of any of the available pressure units.

Reaching hard to access valve stems is a breeze considering the rotating chuck and gauge ends that make operating this tool simple and hassle free.  Using the single button high flow bleed valve works quite nicely in conjunction with the continuous pressure reading.

A solid built, heavy duty product the Motion Pro 08-0468 Digital Tire Pressure Gauge receives very high marks.


According to some users, because of the gauges large size it is somewhat clumsy to use. Others reported needing to continuously calibrate the gauge and still found the measurement to be off by more than 2 lbs. The quality of chuck provided with this unit was a concern for one product because as he claimed it allowed too much air to escape during operation.

And, as with all digital style gauges, running on batteries is a small concern as well because at some point they’ll need to be replaced. This, of course, is a small but added expense.


There’s a reason professional tire technicians rely on the Motion Pro 08-0468 to get the best performance from their tires. The Motion Pro Digital Tire Pressure Gauge is obviously a recommendable product even considering the minor concerns provided by the reviewers. One never knows exactly what the reviewer experienced and in what conditions.  Overall, it’s very hard to argue against the quality and precision found here.

One great advantage of the Motion Pro 08-0468 0-60 PSI Digital Tire Pressure Gauge is the good quality construction. That is expected when purchasing a gauge at this price point.  The continuous pressure reading is also extremely handy when activating the easy-to-use bleed valve.  No need to reset or adjust the gauge, it’s measurement reads continuously as you let air out.

In addition, the highly precise measurement accurate within +/- 0.6 PSI minimal error is invaluable for those seeking optimal performance on the track.  No room for mistake when you use this product considering the correct digital readout of 0.1 PSI.

This Motion Pro tire gauge is a best selling digital tire pressure gauge. See the full list of all best digital tire pressure gauges here.

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