Moroso 89560 Tire Pressure Gauge 0-60 PSI

Moroso Tire Pressure Gauge 89560 0-60 PSI Review

Moroso offers dependable, race proven tire pressure gauges that are individually calibrated and optimized for performance. There’s a reason racers worldwide use Moroso! One such highly rated analog tire pressure gauge option is the Moroso 89560 Tire Pressure Gauge 0-60 PSI.


  • 0-60 PSI
  • 2.625″ diameter dial face
  • 15.5″ length hose
  • Calibrated for accuracy within 2%
  • Hardened swivel chuck end rotates 360º
  • Air pressure release valve for precision settings
  • Easy to read 1/2 lb increments on dial face
  • Angle chuck end


The Moroso 89560 is well built like most other Moroso products. The tire gauge dial face is easy to read and does have nice big bold numbers. Of course, being able to rotate the gauge 360º on the hose is very convenient when trying to read the gauge while holding the chuck end on the sometimes difficult to reach valve stem.

Having an air pressure release (or bleed) valve is obviously critical for a precision tire pressure setting. This particular mechanism on the Moroso 89560 is not unlike competitors and functions just the same. The hose is rated to 300 PSI and feels more than adequate for holding up to the demands of the race track. At a weight of 12.8 oz this tire gauge is right on par with competing models and won’t be a hinderance to manage. That said, it’s also heavy enough to feel like it was constructed with quality components.

There is a 90 day limited warranty on the Moroso 89560 and it seems pretty standard. Reading through the documentation, it’s the standard legal jargon one would expect to find. (Return with sales receipt, clearly state the defective issue, warranty doesn’t cover damage sustained to anything other than the gauge itself, etc.)


Well, I do see a few things that stand out. Firstly, there is no protective covering for the gauge itself out of the package. Moroso makes a gauge cover but that is sold separately. For this model 89560, the gauge cover can be found here. Most competing products will include a protective covering and it’s somewhat disappointing that one must spend another $10-15 for the cover.

It’s hard to say with absolute certainty, but the dial face covering seems to be a bit flimsy and probably easy to scuff up and mar. It’s unlikely this is made of glass and reading through some of the other negative reviews on the Amazon product page it seems others have experienced a lot of scratching and cracking.

Another point to consider is that the dial face doesn’t have glow in the dark digits nor does it offer a backlight feature. Now, at a dimly lit track or when used in the evening, that can be troublesome for anyone with poor eyesight.

One last con for me is that this gauge doesn’t come with a ball chuck. I do personally prefer the angle chuck but it’s sometimes more convenient to swap in the ball chuck depending on the tire. There are plenty of competing products which offer the dual chuck ends and at this price point it’d be nice to see that from Moroso.


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