Michelin Digital Programmable Tire Gauge with Light Review

Michelin Digital Programmable Tire Gauge A programmable gauge that fits in the palm of your hand or conveniently in a storage compartment. Getting an accurate tire pressure reading is quick and easy with the Michelin MN-12279 Digital Programmable Tire Gauge! Use the programming functionality to enter the desired pressure for quick comparison between the measured reading and the desired reading.


  • Programmable Tire Gauge. Set desired pressure for both front and rear tires.
  • White LED flashlight.
  • Storage pouch included.
  • Display reads to within 0.1 PSI.
  • Bright, backlit digital display screen.
  • Rubberized soft grip and die cast aluminum housing.
  • Gauge accuracy is +/- 1%. 


What jumps out to me right away is that the body of this gauge is aluminum. Not that you want to ever drop your tire gauge, especially a digital model, but this feature certainly adds a durability component. Combined with the soft rubber grip, this comfort feature also helps to insulate the gauge when knocked around.

Also included with the purchase of this tire pressure gauge is a storage case. This added bonus helps ensure the long term security of the product. A lot of the competing models you’ll find in this price range do not include a case. This add-on is certainly a nice selling point.

The bright display is large and easy to read. In my estimation, the display screen is approximately the size of a silver dollar coin. You will have no issues spotting this screen in the dark of night or dimly lit garage. I like the “Low”, “OK”, and “High” air pressure indicator at the top of the display as well. With this indicator it’s easy at quick glance to know how far or how close to the desired preset pressure you are.


Rather disappointing is the lack of air pressure release (aka bleed) valve. There are handheld digital gauges in the same price range (see the Craftsman MS4376) as the Michelin MN-12279 that offer this feature so I’d like to have seen that incorporated. Also important to think about is that the digital display is only on one side of the unit. If you operate the gauge with your right hand, you’ll have no issue viewing the display. However, if you operate the gauge with your left hand, you’ll cover the display while taking a pressure reading.

On the Amazon product page for this item, there are many older reviews that mention poor battery life. As with any digital gauge, battery life will always be one drawback when going with this style tire gauge. Replacing the battery seems simple enough (unscrew and remove top cover, replace batteries with CR 2032 3V) but there’s always the cost of new batteries to be concerned with. Especially if you’re buying new ones every couple months.

Another interesting piece to this battery puzzle is that several people claim the gauge turns itself on when inside the case. Whether that be from getting jostled around while the vehicle is moving or if the gauge fits so snuggly inside the case that buttons are pressed, a number of people mentioned this occurring. If I experienced this issue, maybe I wouldn’t use the case.


The bright display and included LED flashlight are good add-ons but those features will be claimed on a lot of digital handheld gauges. I do like the ergonomic shape, that’s one difference between this gauge and competing models that I appreciate. And the aluminum casing with comfort grip edge is better than most. Overall, I think it’s a recommendable item but I’d like to see more from Michelin in regard to the battery issue. To be fair, however, many of the commenting purchasers stating battery issues were from 2+ years ago. It’s possible later models have had this matter addressed.

The Michelin MN-12279 Digital Programmable Tire Gauge is a top rated tire pressure gauge. Click here to see Tire Gadgets list of all top rated tire pressure gauges.

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