Longacre Digital Tire Pressure Air Gauge 60 PSI Review

Advertised as a racing tire gauge, the Longacre Digital Tire Pressure Air Gauge 60 PSI is a higher-end model from a well respected and trusted brand. This gauge is marketed for use on modified, late model, street stock, sprint car, midget, micro, mini, go karts, ATVs, motorcycles, legends and karting vehicles.


  • 0-60 PSI with 0.2 lb increment readings.
  • Measurement reading options in PSI, BAR, Kg/cm2, and kPa.
  • 2″ face with large number display.
  • External gauge bumper.
  • Air pressure release valve button.
  • Ultra flexible 14″ hose
  • Swiveling angle and ball chucks included.


The Longacre Digital Tire Pressure Air Gauge 60 PSI (Part #53006) is capable of producing a constant pressure reading while connected to the valve stem. This gauge comes equipped with an ultra flexible 14″ hose with swiveling chuck end to provide a no-leak, positive seal. It’s also built with a pressure release button.  Meaning, the user can bleed down to the desired air pressure and dial into the optimum air pressure performance level.

The unit has an auto-off feature which enacts after three (3) minutes of no use.  Once turning the gauge back on, any previous readings will have been cleared out so it’s ready for use right away.  It’s an extremely accurate gauge that will hold up to the rigors and demands of any mechanic.


At the time of this review, there are no purchaser reviews to analyze on Amazon.  However, a very similar model, the Longacre Digital Tire Gauge 100 PSI part 53036, has some points to consider. Reportedly, the batteries don’t last as long as expected due to the 3 minutes long auto-off feature. Some reviewers felt the auto-off should be less time, perhaps no more than a minute wait, to help conserve battery power. (The manufacturer claims internal batteries should last approximately 1,000 hours.)

Additionally, somewhat disappointing is that this model tire gauge does not have a backlight.  A backlight feature is convenient for digital gauges as it helps for viewing the display in dimly lit conditions.  It should also be noted that this tire pressure gauge will not hold the pressure reading once removed from the stem.


The Longacre Digital Tire Pressure Air Gauge 60 PSI is recommended because of its outstanding benefits.  Customer satisfaction is overall very good as well. This item delivers an accurate tire pressure measurement with a maximum error of 0.8% and has an operating range of 0-130º F. Its digital readout increment level is 0.2 PSI.

This gauge offers a sleek 2″ face with a large digital display. In addition, it has an ultra flexible hose which measures 14 inches long. This hose length is a bit shorter than models of the same quality but not short enough to be a complete deal breaker.

Along with the swiveling chuck end, external protective bumper and supreme accuracy the gauge is terrific value considering the price point.

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