Longacre 52001 Tire Gauge

Longacre Racing Tire Pressure Gauge Model 52001 Review

Recognized for their dedication in providing quality products, Longacre is an established brand name in the racing industry. They are well known for their innovation and customer satisfaction as well as their comprehensive line of racing gauges and other products. One such quality racing gauge is the Longacre 52001 Tire Gauge!

Longacre 52001 Tire Gauge
List Price: $79.99
Price: $80.00
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  • Huge 3.5″ display for high accuracy and easier readability.
  • Glow-in-the-dark dial face for better viewing in dimly lit conditions.
  • Gauge bumper surrounding gauge dial face for protection.
  • Dual air pressure release buttons.
  • Swivel angle chuck installed with alternate ball chuck included.
  • Holds pressure reading until released.
  • Internal gauge damper for more consistent, accurate readings.
  • Flexible 17″ red hose.
  • Silver storage case for protection when not in use.


Immediately noticeable is the massive 3.5″ dial face which is extremely easy to read with the large printed numbers and glow-in-the-dark display. Consequently, this gauge face is almost a full inch larger than most of the gauges I’ve reviewed. The dial scale has easily distinguishable hash lines marking the single and half increments in between each bolded number. Given the large size of the dial face, the readability and precision of the indicator arrow is far superior to other analog gauges.

This large dial face is protected by a rugged, rubber-feeling bumper which certainly feels more than adequate to protect the inner workings of the gauge should it be called to task. Speaking of protection, this gauge also comes with its very own carrying case. That’s definitely an added bonus but at this price point it’s somewhat expected. The case will not only ensure extended life of the gauge but also help keep the components clean when not in use.

Another feature of this gauge is the dual air pressure release buttons located directly below the gauge face. The first button down from the gauge is the “bleed” valve, or the button to push when connected to the valve stem in order to release air from the tire. The second button down is the air release valve. After releasing the chuck from the valve stem, the pressure reading will be held at the measured PSI. Pushing the second pressure release button will reset the gauge to zero PSI.

According to the manufacturer, this Magnum series model 52001 tire gauge is accurate within 2% of the measured reading. Meaning, a 0-60 PSI gauge is accurate within 1 PSI of the pressure reading. Accuracy, of course, is of utmost importance in any tire gauge but especially for a racing gauge.


The Longacre model 52001 tire pressure gauge weighs in at a whopping 3 lbs, considerably heavier than a lot of other gauges. Personally, the weight doesn’t bother me because I believe this reflects a durable and well made product constructed with quality components. But, there are some comments out there stating that after extended use the gauge becomes a bit cumbersome because of the weight.

Another possible drawback is that this gauge is not liquid filled. Liquid filled gauges tend to be a bit more accurate because they won’t allow the indicator arrow to vibrate as much within the dial face. That said, this particular gauge has an internal gauge damper built into it for more consistent, accurate readings.


Reviewing my post above I’m finding far more pros than cons. Comparing that to the Amazon listing of this item I also see that this item at the time of publishing this post is 4.9 out of 5 stars with 30 customer reviews. That’s pretty solid even if there’s only 30 customer reviews to date. I say that because of those 30 reviews, 93% of them are 5 star ratings. So, ultimately, I find this item to be well worth the money and recommendable.

The Longacre Magnum series has 4 PSI options. The option reviewed above is the 0-60 PSI by 1/2 lb increments model #52001.


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