Ionox Digital Tire Pressure Gauge w/ Metal Body 150PSI

Tire Pressure Gauge Digital w: Metal Body 150PSI with scales

A palm sized digital tire pressure gauge that is both simple to use and easy to store. Constructed with a heavy duty die cast casing for durability, this gauge is ergonomically designed to fit within any sized hand. Let’s take a look at the Ionox Digital Tire Pressure Gauge w/ Metal Body 150PSI item number ION-15S. 


  • Heavy duty die cast casing for durability and protection.
  • Ergonomically designed to fit large and small sized hands.
  • Blue LED nozzle to light up dimly lit areas.
  • Backlit display screen for easy visibility.
  • Measures four (4) pressure scales: PSI, BAR, KPa, and Kg/cm².
  • Black non-slip rubberized grips.
  • Batteries included.


A single push button keeps operation of this tire gauge very simple. Press the button once to turn the unit on and press the button again to change from PSI to any of four pressure scales. Press and hold the button to turn the gauge off. This is all pretty straight forward and what I like is that I’m able to actually turn the unit off by pressing and holding the button.

Having a button to turn the unit off isn’t always the case in competing models. Competing models commonly have only an auto-off feature which means there isn’t a way to manually power off the unit. This unit does have that function as well. However, in the case of the ION-15S you can either press and hold the button to turn the unit off or you can wait 30 seconds for the digital display to turn itself off.

Taking a tire pressure measurement is instant and easy to read on the digital display. This gauge will take a pressure reading as low as .5 PSI and will output measurements in .5 lb increments. The die cast metal casing seems very solid and should be durable for normal wear and tear. It’s also a very light gauge at 4 ounces. A lighted nozzle end is also an added bonus when using the gauge at night or in dimly lit conditions.


Left handed users will have a difficult time with this gauge because using the gauge in your left hand will cover up the display (and the power button). That’s the case with almost all digital tire gauges that have two flat sides, however. If you’re a left handed user, you might check out this gauge instead.

Several reviewers on Amazon also claim to have had a difficult time properly fitting the nozzle end over the valve stem. Or, in some instances, having to apply more than normal pressure on the gauge for the PSI reading to be measured. It’s tough to say exactly what conditions these people were experiencing which lead to difficulty using this gauge. I’m not saying these people didn’t experience a problem but I will point out that these reviewers only represent less than half of the one star reviews. At the time of this post, there are 26 one star reviews of 513 total reviews.

Accuracy is also something a few reviewers found to be less than adequate. Although the manufacturer doesn’t make any specific accuracy claims about the ION-15S, most digital gauges will claim to be accurate within 2-3% of the measured PSI. It’s also worth noting that every tire pressure gauge I’ve reviewed has always received comments about inaccuracy. I haven’t come across one tire gauge yet that hasn’t received negative feedback about accuracy.


It won’t break the bank to purchase, it’s simple to operate, and will fit conveniently in storage compartments of your vehicle. It also currently has a 4.5 of 5 star rating with over 500 customer reviews. So obviously there far more satisfied customers than unsatisfied. Are there better tire gauges out there? Sure… at two or more times the money. But to have the simplicity of a digital gauge I’ll take this offering from Ionox over a stick (or pencil) type gauge any day.

The Ionox Digital Tire Pressure Gauge w/ Metal Body 150 PSI is on the best digital tire pressure gauge list. See the full list here!

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