Craftsman Programmable Digital Tire Gauge Review

Craftsman Programmable Digital Tire Gauge Review

Check your tire pressure conveniently and easily with the Craftsman Programmable Digital Tire Gauge, model number MS4376. Using the programmable functionality with this tire gauge, set the target PSI for your specific vehicle and the gauge will store this information. No more paging through owners manuals or squinting to see dirty tire sidewalls, this gauge will store the recommended tire pressure for both front and rear tires.


  • Will read measurements between 5 and 99 PSI.
  • Programmable function will store front and rear PSI targets.
  • Straight-push nozzle for easy fitting onto valve stems.
  • Air pressure release (bleed) capabilities.
  • Large backlit display for easy viewing.
  • Includes white LED flashlight at nozzle end.
  • Batteries included.


The Craftsman MS4376 has an ergonomically shaped handle that fits comfortably in your hand. With a straight-push nozzle, it’s very simple to fit the end of this gauge on a valve stem with little effort. Compared to other gauges that have an angled nozzle, this gauge is a lot less awkward to use on a standard car tire. This tire gauge is obviously bigger than a standard pen style gauge but it will still easily fit in a glove compartment or other storage location in your vehicle.

Especially helpful is the large, backlit display. The numbers are very clear and easy to read. When operating the gauge, the display will show both the current PSI reading and the target PSI reading. The current reading will display on the top of the screen while the bottom half of the display shows the target. Remember, however, that this target PSI assumes the gauge owner has properly entered the recommended PSI for both front and rear tires.

On the nozzle end of the gauge is also a white LED light. This serves as a flashlight to brighten up any dimly lit workspace. Hopefully you don’t experience any nighttime tire pressure issues but if you do this additional feature is certainly nice to have. Furthermore, the gauge comes with a pressure release trigger. In the case of an over inflated tire, this attribute will allow you to bleed air out of the tire.


As with all digital type tire gauges, eventually the batteries will need to be replaced. Some purchasers found their gauge to last only 6 months or shorter before the batteries were dead. Although not typical, this is definitely a concern assuming normal usage and conditions. The batteries that come with this gauge should last much longer than that. To replace the batteries, on the underside of the unit are a couple of small screws that need to be removed. Once removed, the gauge will need two (2) CR2032 replacements. Very straightforward to replace.

Other people purchasing this tire gauge found the accuracy to be off. In my opinion, accuracy of any tire gauge is always the number one complaint. This is true for any review on the Tire Gadgets website, whether it’s a digital or analog gauge, accuracy is always questioned by at least a few. Even the gauges that claim supreme accuracy, like less than a tenth of a unit, will more than likely have at least one person say otherwise. Unfortunately, it seems this is just the nature of tire gauges because I have yet to find a gauge where accuracy isn’t questioned.

This unit does not come with a storage pouch or case but that’s in line with competing tire gauges.


This tire gauge has a very nice ergonomic shape for an easy and comfortable grip. And the audible signal once the pressure reading has been measured is also quite helpful. The white LED flashlight is a nice touch since there are occasions when checking tire pressure where a light is needed to see the surrounding area.

This tire gauge also reads pressure from 5-99 PSI in 0.5-pound units that are appropriate for both small and large vehicles. Featuring a large, backlit LCD screen with clear display is also really convenient for those with less than perfect eyesight.

Indeed, the Craftsman MS4376 is on par with the standard expected from a brand name many have come to associate with quality.

The Craftsman Programmable Digital Tire Gauge is one of the best digital tire pressure gauges. Go to Tire Gadget’s list of best digital tire gauges!

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