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Best Tire Gauge

One tool used to measure the pressure of your vehicle tires is a tire pressure gauge. It is important to find the best tire gauge that suites your needs in order to maintain the optimum air pressure of your vehicle’s tires.  This is because tires are rated for certain loads at a specific pressure.

Usually, the optimum pressure for vehicle tires is around 30 to 35 PSI.  That said, you should check what is indicated within your owner’s manual for the recommended tire pressure.  Or, the label adhered to the inside frame of the driver’s side door is another place to check to be certain of your specific vehicles recommended tire pressure.

The best time to check your tire pressure is before the tire has been used for the day.  Typically this will be first thing in the morning but the best time to check the pressure is when the vehicle has been parked for an extended period of time (5+ hours).

Now, what happens when you have under inflated tires?  Well, this can cause poor fuel economy for one and for two it causes premature wear and tear. Alternatively, if tires are over inflated, the handling characteristics of your vehicle may change and the tire’s life will decrease. Thus, it is very important to buy the best tire gauge that works for your needs.

Many types of tire gauges exist, such as dial (or analog), digital, stick, pencil and several more. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses (though a lot of manufacturers claim that digital is probably the best type among the varying options).  At the end of the day, however, what works for some may not work for you. Therefore, you must choose the best tire gauge that suites your specific needs.

Best Tire Gauge Options






   Tire Pressure Gauge Accurate Monitor System for Cars and Motorcycles 60 PSI Rating  $$$  4.7/5 Read The Review
   Tekton 5941 100 PSI Digital Tire Gauge  $  4.3/5  Read The Review
   Accutire MS-4350B Setpoint Tire Gauge  $$  4.4/5 Read The Review
   Motion Pro 08-0468 0-60 PSI Digital Tire Pressure Gauge  $$$$  4.3/5  Read The Review
   New Longacre Digital Tire Pressure Air Gauge with Active Display to 100 PSI  $$  4.2/5  Read The Review

Pit Posse PP3288 Podium Digital Air Pressure Gauge Pro Racing Billet Heavy Duty

 $$  4.2/5 Read The Review

(Coming Soon!)

   JACO ElitePro Tire Pressure Gauge – 100 PSI  $$  4.9/5 Read The Review
 Dans Auto Digital Tire Pressure Gauge 300 PSI Rated 4 Pressure Units Large Dial Face Steel Chuck Included  $$$$  4.2/5  Read The Review

DIYCO Elite Series Professional Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

 $$  4.2/5 Read The Review

YUMSEEN High Accuracy Digital Tire Pressure Gauge & Case

 $$  5/5 Read The Review

Tire Pressure Gauge Accurate Monitor System 60 PSI

If you plan to maintain your vehicle then owning a dependable and quality tire pressure gauge is an absolute must.  And the Dan’s Auto Tire Pressure Gauge Accurate Monitor System 60 PSI is a good choice!  They even guarantee this product for life or your money back!


  • Tested and rated to meet ANSI standards.
  • Clear 2.5″ display which rotates 360 degrees for ease of reading.
  • Mechanic grade tool with military grade rubber casing.
  • 17″ air hose.
  • Interchangeable angle and ball chucks included.
  • Dial face filled with glycerol liquid for weather protection.
  • No batteries needed.


The Dan’s Auto Tire Pressure Gauge is a 1.4 lb analog style gauge that is designed to extend tire life and improve fuel efficiency, resolving the concerns in thermal and mechanical overload in under-inflated tires.

The 360º rotating, large 2.5″ dial face is liquid-filled with glycerol to help secure the gauge from all types of weather conditions by preventing moisture from entering the dial face.  The liquid also helps to dampen pulsation and pressure spike effects resulting in more accurate pressure readings time and time again.

This tire pressure gauge from Dan’s Auto also has an air pressure release function which allows for “bleeding” the air from the tire faster in the case of over-inflation.

And, thanks to the swiveling ends of the 17″ air hose and included solid metal angle and ball chucks you can easily reach valve stems that are sometimes hard to reach.  An included bonus ebook talks about the benefits of maintaining a correct tire pressure for saving money and safe driving.

Overall, it has been reviewed as a precise, easy to use, mechanic grade tool.  Indeed you can be confident that it will perform as expected for many years to come.  However, should there ever be an issue this product comes with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE!


Some people have complained that the included air hose is too rigid and stiff.  Also, for a few users the seal between the hose and valve fitting reportedly leaked air after first use.  Since the dial face does contain liquid, an air bubble inside the display can sometimes interfere with properly reading the gauge. The analog gauge spans from 0 – 60 PSI, however, the most accurate readings will fall in the center of that range within the face of the dial between approximately 20 and 40 PSI.


It’s easy to recommend Dan’s Auto Tire Pressure Gauge Accurate Monitor System 60 PSI.  The measured pressure remains steady and constant while connected to the valve stem.  Also, the construction of the tire gauge is heavy duty and built tough considering it’s 1.4 lb weight and added military grade rubber casing. The lifetime guarantee is obviously great peace of mind as well.  Overall, it’s an accurate, hassle-free and well constructed tire gauge for the price.

Tekton 5941 100 PSI Digital Tire Gauge

A digital tire gauge can give you an instant, easy-to-read measurement of your vehicle’s tire pressure. And a great digital gauge option for reading your tire’s air pressure is the Tekton 5941 100 PSI Digital Tire Gauge.


  • Clearly displays an accurate, instant measurement.
  • Easy to read in any light, day or night.
  • Simple push button to turn unit on and choose between one of four measurement ranges.
  • Lighted nozzle that illuminates the work area in dim light conditions.
  • Nozzle easily seals quickly and completely onto the valve stem with gentle pressure.
  • Exact measurement displayed on a lighted screen eliminating the guesswork or estimation when reading an analog gauge.
  • Shuts off automatically after 30 seconds.


The Tekton 5941 100 PSI Digital Tire Gauge automatically shuts off after 30 seconds, saving the battery power if you happen to accidentally leave the power on. A lighted digital screen is also included that clearly displays the precise measurement. Thus, there is no need for guessing or estimating the measured air pressure which tends to happen with an analog type gauge.

You will also feel a soft and non-slip texture because of the product’s ergonomic and contoured shape, which makes it fit your hand perfectly for that ultimate control and comfort. In addition, it has a simple push button that turns the unit on and lets you choose among the four available measurement ranges.

Moreover, it’s got a lighted nozzle that illuminates the work area in low light conditions which helps you locate the tire’s valve stem easily. This gauge also quickly and completely seals onto the valve stem with gentle pressure so it’s very easy to use.


Because this model is a digital style tire gauge, battery power is required which means an owner of this gauge will eventually need to deal with battery (or product) replacement.  The batteries are replaceable, however, you’ll need to remove two (2) screws from the grip in order to do so.  Additionally, this gauge does not offer an air pressure release (bleed) valve to let air out from the tire should it be over inflated. Another point to note is that the digital display screen is on the left side of the handle.  Therefore, if you use the gauge with your left hand, you’ll cover the digital display.


This is a highly acclaimed product. For one, the simple push button easily allows the user to turn the product on and choose among the four available measurement ranges. There is also a 30-second automatic shut off feature that will power-off the product when not in use.

The lighted nozzle is very handy, which not only lights up a dimly lit work area but also seals onto the valve stem quickly and easily with gentle pressure.

The lighted digital screen shows the exact air pressure measurement and removes the guesswork involved in the case of analog gauges. And thanks to the tools ergonomic shape, it fits your hand perfectly and gives you a soft, non-slip texture for control and comfort.

Accutire MS-4350B Setpoint Tire Gauge

Vehicles are sophisticated machines, needing regular maintenance to perform at their peak. And to help you with that, presenting the Accutire MS-4350B Setpoint Tire Gauge for checking tire pressure!


  • Programmable for recording both front and rear tire pressure.
  • Reads 5-99 PSI in 0.5-pound unit increments
  • Large, backlit LCD screen for easy viewing
  • Included white LED flashlight for night time use
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Offers five-year manufacturer warranty


The Accutire MS-4350B Setpoint Tire Gauge has an audible pressure signal that informs the user when the air pressure has been measured. The air pressure will then be displayed and locked on the display screen. This tire gauge also includes a patent-protected Set Point programmable feature allowing you to record the factory-recommended tire pressure for both your vehicle’s front and rear tires.

This is a helpful feature since an HTSA survey found that many drivers do not know where to find this information.  By referring to your owner’s manual as well as the side wall of your tires you can find this recommended tire pressure and load those measurements into the Accutire MS-4350B tire gauge. Then, once you’ve measured the air pressure of your tires, this Set Point programmable feature allows you to view the actual and recommended tire pressures simultaneously.  This way, you’ll always have a point of reference to know if more air needs to be added (or removed) from the tire.

This tool has an extra large, blue backlit LCD screen for easy viewing at any time of day and will turn off after 10 seconds helping to preserve the life of the battery.  Another nice feature is the included emergency LED flashlight for night time use or as necessary to light up the work area.  Since the handle is shaped with an ergonomic, “easy-grip” style the tool fits in your hand perfectly for easy and comfortable use.


Many early reviewers of this product claimed that they had trouble sealing the nozzle onto the valve stem or that the nozzle of the tool needed to be at the perfect angle for the tire gauge to provide the air pressure measurement.  This was fixed in some instances by retrofitting a separately purchased o-ring into the nozzle but this is certainly an inconvenience when the tire gauge is expected to perform properly once opened from the packaging.  Later reviewers of this product claim that this valve stem “fit” issue has been addressed by the manufacturer and corrected.


The Accutire MS-4350B Setpoint Tire Gauge remains recommendable. It reads pressure from 5-99 PSI in 0.5-pound increments and will work with a variety of vehicles from cars and trucks to road bikes and ATVs. It comes with a white LED flashlight as well that illuminates the work area when working in dark areas or at night.

This tire gauge includes a patent protected programmable feature called Set Point.  Set Point allows the user to enter a factory-recommended tire pressure for both the front and rear tires of the vehicle. It is ergonomically shaped with a comfort grip that provides for ease of use.

The audible air pressure signal is a helpful feature.  Also nice is the extra large, blue backlit LCD screen which offers a clear display of measurement, avoiding incorrect readings of tire pressure.

Motion Pro 08-0468 0-60 PSI Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

A good pressure gauge allows for a smoother and more comfortable ride by ensuring there is optimal air pressure in your tires. One of the most accurate and precise gauges on the market is the Motion Pro Digital Tire Pressure Gauge which is accurate within +/- 0.6 PSI.  If you’re serious about motorcycle road racing, this is the tool for you whether you’re a professional or a weekend hobbyist.


  • Precise digital readout to 0.1 PSI.
  • Continuous pressure reading.
  • 18″ high pressure hose with dual swivels.
  • Four selectable scales (PSI, KG-CM2, BAR, kPa).
  • Easy to read display with backlight.


The Motion Pro Digital Tire Pressure Gauge can be set to read PSI, kPA, BAR, and KG-CM2.  With a 0-60 PSI range it can read down to tenths of the available pressure units. Weighing in at 2 lbs, this gauge has an anodized billet aluminum body which increases the product’s overall durability.  Additionally, there is a heavy duty anti-shock protective rubber boot protecting the gauge.

The LCD display is a great feature as it helps you easily read the tire pressure measurement in any lighting condition. When checking tire pressure at night or in a poorly lit areas, a backlight feature will illuminate the display.  There is also an auto-off feature for this backlight which turns off after 20 seconds to help extend battery life.

Further, this tire gauge can produce highly precise measurements, having a maximum error of only +/- 0.6 PSI. It contains a precise digital readout of up to 0.1 PSI as well.  The gauge has a continuous pressure reading that does not need to be reset when activating the bleed (air pressure release) valve. This high flow push button bleeder valve allows for precise pressure adjustments.

The Motion Pro 08-0468 tire gauge comes with an 18″ long high pressure hose with dual swivels and brass ball type air chuck. This flexible hose makes it easy to reach valves of all types in tight spaces.


Since it is big, it can be somewhat clumsy to handle and manage due to its size.  There are also reviewers of this product who state they don’t experience the same type of accuracy as the manufacturer claims the gauge has.  The standard of chuck also comes into question with some reviewers who claim it’s of poor quality and should be replaced.


Tire air pressure is one of the most often observed and important tuning adjustments to be made in the world of motorcycle road racing.  And for the avid racer the Motion Pro 08-0468 remains recommendable for its quality and overall customer satisfaction.  Considering the fine tuning of the gauge which reads down to tenths of the selected measurement units (PSI, BAR, kPA, and KG-CM2) this air pressure gauge is at the top of its game — helping to ensure you’re at the top of yours!

In addition, the large and easy to read LCD display clearly shows the tire pressure measurement. And along with the added backlight feature there will never be any trouble seeing the highly critical tire air pressure.

Moreover, the accurate measurements, coming within +/- 0.6 PSI minimal error and correct digital readout of up to 0.1 PSI, is a valuable asset to have when precision is of the utmost importance. You’ll be hard pressed to find a tougher, better built tire gauge considering the anodized billet aluminum body and heavy duty anti-shock protective rubber boot protecting the display face.  However, should you run into issues, according to the manufacturer’s website they offer a two year limited warranty.

Longacre Digital Tire Pressure Air Gauge #53036

Newly introduced as a gauge to replace two other models (#50347 and 50348), the Longacre Digital Tire Pressure Gauge is a higher-end model from a well respected and trusted brand.


  • 0-100 PSI with 0.2 lb increment readings.
  • Measurement reading options in PSI, BAR, Kg/cm2, and kPa.
  • 2″ face with large number display.
  • External gauge bumper.
  • Air pressure release valve button.
  • Ultra flexible 14″ hose
  • Swiveling angle and ball chucks included.


The new Longacre Digital Tire Pressure Gauge (Part #53036) is capable of producing a constant pressure reading while connected to the valve stem. This gauge comes equipped with an ultra flexible 14″ hose with swiveling chuck end to provide a no-leak, positive seal. It’s also built with a pressure release button.  Meaning, the user can bleed down to the desired air pressure and dial into the optimum air pressure performance level.

The unit has an auto-off feature which enacts after three (3) minutes of no use.  Once turning the gauge back on, any previous readings will have been cleared out so it’s ready for use right away.  It’s an extremely accurate gauge that will hold up to the rigors and demands of any mechanic.


This tire pressure gauge will not hold the pressure reading once removed from the stem.  Reportedly, the batteries don’t last as long as expected due to the 3 minutes long auto-off feature.  Some reviewers felt the auto-off should be less time, perhaps no more than a minute wait, to help conserve battery power.  (The manufacturer claims internal batteries should last approximately 1,000 hours.)


The Longacre Digital Tire Pressure Gauge is highly recommended because of its outstanding benefits.  Customer satisfaction is overall very good as well. This item delivers an accurate tire pressure measurement with a maximum error of 0.8% and has an operating range of 0-130º F. Its digital readout increment level is 0.2 PSI.

This gauge weighs in at 15.2 oz and has a sleek 2″ face with a large digital display. In addition, it has an ultra flexible hose measuring 14 inches long. This hose length is a bit shorter than models of the same quality but not short enough to be a complete deal breaker.

The PSI range from 0-100 is also wider than competitor offerings of similar standard.  Along with the swiveling chuck end, external protective bumper and supreme accuracy the gauge is terrific value considering the price point.